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A&E Crime Central Now Makes Its Way Into Roku, Amazon Prime Video And More

A&E TV is an entertainment-packed channel, which features a wide range of shows for keeping the audience glued to their TV sets. Now, there has been a piece of news about A&E TV, and it is regarding A&E Crime Central Channel. This channel has been added to Apple TV channels. Also, A&E has made this channel available on Amazon Prime Video along with Roku Channel where people can get it as a premium subscription.

A&E is popular for broadcasting chilling and thrilling crime and justice series. The company is also excited to offer a subscription product, which is going to feature crime and investigate library content on a single platform. The company is taking this new channel very seriously, as one of its top officials has given a statement where he said that A&E Crime Central becoming the focal point of the company’s strategy of monetizing the troves of premium content along with serving to the fans in the most suitable way.

A&E Crime Central is going to cost users $4.99 per month once the free trial gets over. If you want to subscribe to this channel, then here is what you can watch on it.

  1. Cold Case Files
  2. 60 Days In
  3. Scared Straight and many more.

There will be many biographies, unscripted series, and documentaries, etc., to watch on the channel. It is also important for you to know that the videos available on the channel are going to be commercial-free, plus the new videos will be added on a weekly basis.

If you are looking to get this channel on your streaming device, then you certainly can, but make sure it has to be either Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video or Roku because the channel is only available on these three platforms.

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