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HBO GO App Is No More – WarnerMediaShuts Down The App!

It has been a few weeks since the launch of HBO Max, and there is news in the market that the HBO GO app is going to be taken off by the company. The reason being, the HBO product line-up is making people confused with the inclusion of HBO, HBO Now and HBO Go. WarnerMedia has therefore made an attempt to reduce that confusion with a new app in ‘HBO Max’.

If you want to know what HBO Max is and what it will offer, then it is a new streaming service by AT&T, which allows you to access the entire HBO library along with additional content such as Studio Ghibli movies and Cartoon Network shows. As far as the price of HBO Max is concerned, then you will have to pay $14.99 as a monthly subscription fee. Many cable operators are providing this app free of cost to customers who subscribe to HBO. It is also free as a part of some AT&T wireless, TV, and internet plans.

A notable feature of HBO Max is that it is an expanded version of HBO Now. Just take it in this way; HBO Now is rebrandedto HBO Max. HBO Now was the company’s streaming-only service in the past. On a majority of platforms like Apple TV, the HBO Now the app is going to be changed to HBO Max.

Before the launch of HBO Max, cable subscribers were able to stream HBO shows through an app named ‘HBO GO’. But, as the WarnerMedia has decided to get rid of the app from primary platforms, things are going to change for sure. If you have been relying on HBO Go for your day-to-day entertainment, then you will find that most cable providers already letting you access the HBO Max.

It is important to pay attention to the ‘primary platforms’ phrase, as WarnerMedia hasn’t been able to make deals for bringing HBO Max to Amazon or Roku. On these platforms, WarnerMediawon’t upgrade HBO Now app to HBO Max. It will rebrand the app to ‘HBO’ with the same subscription cost, i.e., $14.99. However, you will only be able to watch HBO content in this app and not the ones that come under the HBO Max catalog.

Things are not fully clear, but as per the statements coming out from the company, everything will be clear in three to six months. Those who are still seeing the HBO GO app will continue to see their favorite content on the app until the company changes the app to HBO Max.

In a nutshell, there will be only two options, which are, Amazon and Roku users get the HBO app, which only shows HBO content at a monthly subscription cost of $14.99. HBO will have to fix this problem, as Roku controls almost 45% of the connected device video streaming minutes. All other platforms get the HBO Max, which allows users to watch HBO content and much more at a monthly subscription fee of $14.99. Stay tuned to know more about this new change in HBO Max.

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