How Comcast Xfinity Customers Can Watch Starz Content?

Comcast dropped a bombshell a few weeks ago when it announced that Starz is going to be dropped from its line-up. It was a big jolt for those who were watching Power and Outlander on the platform using Xfinity cable subscriptions. However, there is nothing to worry about, as it is possible for fans to catch the latest episodes of ‘Power’ even if the Starz is not available on Comcast. But, it is important that users know as to why Comcast and Starz parted ways.

What’s the reason behind the rift between Comcast and Starz?

A few weeks ago, Comcast decided to omit Starz from its main bundle package for Epix, which resulted in the removal of 17 Starz channels from the line-up and converting it into a separate option, which will obviously be paid. Starz isn’t included in the package, so fans who want to access its content will have to pay $12 as the monthly subscription fee. Comcast did warn its customers about this change in October and started making changes in the following month. The company removed five of Starz channels, which were Starz Cinema, Starz Comedy, Starz in Black, Starz Edge and Starz Kids and Family. Comcast has made a public statement regarding the issues with Starz and clearly said that if they can’t come to an agreement with Starz, then they will have to remove all of its content.

Comcast remunerates networks for showing their programming, so Starz felt that they won’t get as much money as they expected under the new contract. Starz and its lawmakers have asked Comcast to reconsider their decision, but it seems like Comcast is not willing to budge from its stance. In the entire turmoil, fans are the biggest losers, or are they not? To be honest, fans have alternatives for watching ‘Power’ on other platforms.

Here is how users can watch the sixth season of Power on Starz app.

  1. The easiest way to watch all the episodes is through the Starz app. You can easily stream the app on any device, be it Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV/Firestick and more. Starz also offers a 7-day free trial for new customers.
  2. Another way of watching Starz content is by having an Amazon account. Open Starz app using Amazon Prime Account or just open Amazon Video channels to watch the episodes directly. You can easily get Amazon Prime membership at an affordable monthly rental.
  3. Starz channels are available on Hulu as well, so you can watch them on Hulu. You just need to pay a small subscription fee to access live episodes of Power along with other Starz content.
  4. YouTube TV is another platform where you can watch Power and other content available on Starz. The fee of YouTube TV is higher than other platforms, but then, you can watch other content as well, which YouTube TV has in the offing.

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