How To Access HBO GO App Outside Of The US?

The American pay-TV broadcaster HBO is best known for its series, which are constantly setting new standards in entertainment. Whether “The Sopranos”, “Band of Brothers”, or very recently “Game of Thrones”, HBO has a lasting impact on the television landscape. The series in which each episode is filmed in the quality of a movie does not least attract millions of viewers through its unique stories. Unfortunately, HBO can only be reached within the USA and even a simple solution via a VPN server does not work.

If you are living outside of the US and want to access the HBO app, then you need to follow the instructions provided in the following section, as these instructions can help you watch your favorite HBO content in any country.

  1. US iTunes account

HBO NOW is currently withheld from US citizens with an Apple device, but you can also access it from any other country in a few steps.

First of all, you need to create a free US iTunes account. To do this, either download iTunes or go to the official website. Then scroll all the way down and click on the flag of the country you are living in. In the next step, select the American flag.

Now try to download a free app from the store. You will be informed that you need an account. Now create your American iTunes account by entering an email address and other data. Simply select “None” for the payment method.

  1. HBO NOW account

With the American iTunes account, you have come a lot closer to enjoying HBO NOW. Next, you need an HBO NOW account. To do this, log in to your Apple device with your new account in iTunes and download HBO NOW. You will be asked to create an account; all you have to do is enter some data.

  1. Use UnblockUS

In theory, you could now stream HBO NOW if one essential little thing was not missing: The service only works if it is called up via an American IP address.

In order to pretend to the service that you are currently in the USA, you need an American IP address. UnblockUS is suitable for this. If you surf on HBO NOW via UnblockUS, you can use the service in connection with your American iTunes and HBO NOW account.

The setup of UnblockUS under various operating systems, including MacOS and iOS, is well illustrated on the manufacturer’s website and even described with YouTube videos. The service can be tested for free over a period of one week, a test month costs one dollar and after the first month, the service costs five dollars a month.

  1. Alternative VPN servers

A VPN server is an alternative to UnblockUS. This also offers many advantages in terms of security on the Internet and lets you surf anonymously. A VPN server redirects your entire Internet traffic via foreign servers and thus assigns you the respective IP addresses of the country.

In order to be able to stream HBO NOW, you need a provider that guarantees the redirection via American servers and thus assigns you an American IP address. In connection with your American iTunes and HBO NOW account you can access the service.

A VPN server is a better alternative, especially for people who take data protection seriously. Not only do you avoid country blocks on the net, but you also protect yourself from hackers and data collectors. In addition, many tools also offer other useful functions such as ad blockers and much more.

In case, you still are not able to access HBO Go, then make sure your app is activated because most people find issues with the app due to lack of activation. So, don’t make the same mistake and activate your app.

HBO Go Login Activate

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