How To Change PlayStation Vue Subscription And Modify The Billing Amount?

Do you want to upgrade or downgrade the PS Vue Subscription of the current ongoing plan? If yes, then there are two ways of doing it.


Upgrading: If you upgrade to a higher plan, then you will be billed allocated an amount for that duration of the billing cycle and can start accessing the additional channels immediately right after upgrading it.

Downgrading: If you downgrade the current plan, the plan will continue till the end of the billing cycle and you will start receiving the downgraded plan from the next month and charged accordingly. Access to the number of channels will get decreased after downgrading the subscription.

How to modify the subscription from the PlayStation 4 or 3 gaming console?

  1. Open PlayStation Vue and go to settings from there.
  2. Go to the ‘Subscription’ option.
  3. Under the subscription option, you will find the ‘Modify my subscription’ link. Click on this.
  4. Select the subscription plan according to your choice.
  5. Press ‘Continue’.

You can change the subscription, upgrade or downgrade it only from the home location. If you need, you can add the standalone channels like Cinemax, HBO, and showtime to the current subscribed plan.

  1. After making changes to the current plan, don’t forget to add it to the cart and proceed with the checkout.

This is all about the steps to change the subscription through the PS3 or 4 gaming console. If you want to change it through the web browser, then follow the steps mentioned here as under.

Modify through a web browser

If you have subscribed to the PS Vue channel from the media streaming player like Roku, Fire TV, Amazon fire stick, Chromecast or Apple TV and using the app on your smartphone, then you can modify the subscription through the below mentioned ways.

  • Open Playstation Vue subscription page from the web browser of your smartphone.
  • Click to login to the PSN account.
  • Tap ‘Modify subscription’.
  • Scroll down to check the plans, standalone channels and how to add the channels in the current subscription.
  • You need to enter the ZIP code of your area. Accordingly, it will display the channels and you can select anyone.
  • After selecting the channel or plan, click on ‘Add to cart’.
  • Do check out.

The plan is now upgraded or downgraded accordingly and you can start enjoying the channels of your choice without any problem. The quality of videos or shows you are going to stream through the channel depends on the speed of the internet available. If you want to watch HD videos, then the speed must be more than 10 Mbps.

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