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How To Fix Error 5102 And 5001 1016 Error Code From PlayStation Vue?

If you are getting error code 5102 while accessing PlayStation Vue, then there might be some issues with the channel or the devices connected concurrently in two locations. The steps to fix this error code are discussed here as under:

Why you get error code 5102 on PS Vue?

This error code generally appears if more than one TV is connected to the PS Vue and tries to access the content at the same time from different locations with different networks. You can’t stream the content with one TV connected inside and one connected outside the home location at the same time.

How to fix the error code?

  1. Log out of PS Vue from one device and try again after a gap of 4-5 minutes.
  2. The band on all the devices to which you are connected must be the same i: e 2.4 GHz.
  3. If this happens again, then set the home TV as a home device. This will set the priority for your Home TV and will avoid the conflicts in the future.

How to avoid PS Vue error code 5102

  • If there is more than one home network available at home, then make sure that all the PS Vue devices are connected to the same network and frequency.
  • As discussed earlier, provide priority to the home device to avoid any interference. The steps to provide priority to the devices on PS Vue are given on the different links.
  • If you don’t know the list of devices that support PS Vue, then go to the ‘PlayStation Vue supported list’ from the home screen of the website.

Now, we will discuss the steps to fix error code 5001 1016 from PlayStation Vue.

If you are getting this error code while playing content from PS Vue Channel, then it means you don’t have a valid subscription.

We will discuss the causes and troubleshooting steps for this error code.

Why this error code appears?

The main reason for receiving this error code is an invalid subscription to the PS Vue Channel.

How to resolve Error code 5001 1016?

  • Open the PlayStation Vue webpage and click on ‘Sign-in’.
  • Log in with the PS Vue credentials from any device and check whether you are able to access the service or not.
  • If you are Roku customer, then go to the ‘Subscribe/PS Vue’ link and enter the activation code from the Roku PS Vue channel app installed on the smartphone.

After implementing the steps mentioned above, you will be able to fix these error codes successfully.

We render the best support to our customers regarding issues for PlayStation Vue. If you want to access the content from this incredible app on Roku, then make sure to enter the activation code at PSVue com activate Roku page.

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