How To Get Rid Of PlayStation Vue Mobile App Problems?

Are you getting a problem in using the PS Vue mobile app installed on your android or iOS smartphone?  If yes, then the very first thing to check is the app settings on the phone. Check the phone whether it is connected to the network or not. After this, you need to check the OS firmware version installed on the phone. If there is a need of an update or the update is available, you can check online from the ‘Settings’ menu.

Check the version of PS Vue app on your device

  • Go to settings from the home screen.
  • Find the app from the app list.
  • Scroll down to see the storage from the ‘General menu’.
  • Ensure that the version of the app installed is the latest and up to date.

The steps to download the app on the iOS or the Android smartphone are already discussed in the previous post.

If you are still facing the problem, then you need to re-establish the home location for the PS Vue app.

If you find all the channels marked as ‘Mobile restricted’, then it means there is no internet connection or the connection lost for PS Vue. Re-establish the connection for home location. The reason why you are getting this problem is due to the streaming rights issues in your location. There are some channels which are restricted to the particular location only but not for the whole region. The steps to troubleshoot this problem are:

  • Log out from the PS Vue app.
  • Re-connect the mobile device to the home wi-fi network and click on ‘Start the PS Vue subscription’.
  • Log in again to the PS Vue app through login credentials.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Subscription’.
  • From ‘Subscription’ you will find ‘Reestablish the link to home location’.

Fixing the issues in casting the PS Vue content through chrome with the help of the mobile app.

This issue mostly happens if the connection between the app installed on the phone and the Chromecast gets lost. For successful casting, go through the below-mentioned suggestions.

  • Check whether the mobile device and the Chromecast are connected to the same network or not.
  • You can connect the mobile device to the Chromecast by pressing the ‘Cast’ icon given on the top of the video being played.
  • If the problem continues, restart the app from the mobile and reboot your Chromecast.

How to troubleshoot error code 5105- streaming same channel on more than one device

In PS Vue single subscription, you can play the content simultaneously on up to 3 mobile devices. It can be mobile, laptop or tablet.

  1. Close the PS Vue app from mobile devices.
  2. Try to watch the content again after a gap of 5 minutes.

This is all about the process of troubleshooting the PS Vue app casting problem on mobile devices.

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