How To Watch Starzplay On Chromecast Media Player?

By configuring on your Chromecast, you can easily watch the favorite shows and movies on your laptop or TV screen and control through the mobile phone. The best part is that Chromecast support both android and iOS devices. Now, we are going to discuss steps to set up the Chromecast and the

Unpacking the box and you will find the below mentioned things inside:

  1. Chromecast: Connect the Chromecast to the TV with the help of the HDMI port given at the back of the TV. Now, connect the Chromecast to the home Wi-Fi to which the smartphone is connected. You can now control the Chromecast with the tablet and smartphone.
  2. USB power cable: The cable is used to connect the Chromecast to the power supply. Plug one end of the cable to the Chromecast and another end to the adapter.
  3. Power supply: If you don’t want to connect the cable to the USB port of the TV, then you can use the external power supply to provide the power.

Configuring the Chromecast on the device:

Once you have plugged-in the Chromecast, it the time to configure further. You need an android device and a wireless network.

Android device:

  • Go to Google PlayStore and download the Chromecast app on the android device. You need to first search the app, then click to start the download.
  • Open the app and agree to the terms and conditions given on the setup page.
  • Press to start installing it. Select the Chromecast model and switch on the TV.
  • Open the app from the smartphone and check for the code. It must match the code available on TV. Click on ‘I see the code’.
  • Connect the Chromecast to the internet now. Enter the password for the selected SSID of your network.
  • You will find ‘Connection status’ on the top of the screen. You are good to go now.

How to watch StarzPlay on Chromecast?

  1. After configuring the Chromecast on your TV, it’s the time to log in to the from the Chromecast enabled device.
  2. Select a movie or show you want to watch and click on ‘Watch’.
  3. From the right-hand corner of the screen, you need to click on the link given there. Start streaming the content from the Chromecast device.

Luckily, you can now start watching the movies and the shows from the StarzPlay on your TV without disturbing the normal processing or affecting the other apps which are already in progress on your smartphone.

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