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The Lion King Takes Over HBO And HBO GO For Women’s Day!

Recently, Disney has focused primarily on creating new versions of its classic animations. Remakes often do not enjoy the sympathy of critics, but they break records in the box office. And the greatest financial success of them all was the new “Lion King”. The production from 2019 is released today on the HBO GO antenna.

The original “The Lion King” is one of the best-rated animations in the genre’s history. The story of the inhabitants of the Lion’s Earth won the hearts of both young and adult viewers. She also received two Oscars, which of course was due to the involvement of Sir Elton John. For many viewers, the vision of any remake of the cult work seemed completely unnecessary. Despite this, Disney decided to take a chance and entrusted the preparation of the work to Jon Favreau.

The “Lion King” remake turned out to be a huge hit among viewers. Suffice it to say that it was the most-watched film from the whole of last year in Polish cinemas. So he contributed significantly to the record year of his parent label. They were much less enthusiastic about the reviewers who criticized poor acting and the mismatch of hyper-realistic graphics to the emotional story and crazy musical numbers. If someone has not yet had the opportunity to assess whether journalists were right in this case, from today has a chance to catch up.

“The Lion King” is available on the HBO GO platform from today. Oscar-nominated Japanese animation “Mirai” also joined the site.

The film is a visually beautiful mix of fantasy and adventure cinema. It tells the story of a boy named Kun who cannot accept the birth of his younger sister. At one point, he meets a teenage girl who claims to be his sister from this future. The anime was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globes and also won a statuette at the 46th Annie Awards Ceremony.

“The Lion King” is another Disney production present on the HBO streaming platform. In the West, this type of work is now mostly part of the Disney + library, but until the site reaches Poland, further breakdown of the films and series of this studio should be expected after various legal VOD sources.

So, if you are a fan of the Lion King, then you will be able to watch it on HBO and HBO GO without paying an additional subscription cost.

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