What Are The Steps For Activating STARZ On Any Smart Device?

STARZ is a TV network with a streaming service that offers stylish and substantive programming. From Power to Spartacus, Gods to black sails, STARZ is offering a number of TV shows and movies. You can stream the content anywhere from any smart device. If you want to activateSTARZ on any of the smart device, then we are going to discuss the steps for the same. You must read the steps carefully and implement them on your device.

To play any content, you need a STARZ play app. It can be downloaded on Kindle Fire, Nexus Player, iPhone, Android, Roku and Kindle Fire TV. By paying $8.99 for a month, you can enjoy all the movies and TV shows on smart devices. You can stream on up to four devices with a single account.

Now coming to the steps for activating STARZ

If you want to activate STARZ, the premium subscription or 7-day free trial must be activated. If you have opted for a premium subscription, then you will get a free 7 day trial on your device. You will be required to login to the account first for adding any channel on it. The steps to add the channel on the service are:

  • Go to the ‘STARZ website’.
  • Go to ‘Try STARZ for free’ for a week.
  • Sign-up by adding the details in the required blocks.
  • Once your account is created, you can start adding the channels on your device without any hassle.

How to add STARZ channel to the Roku device?

  • Login to the Roku account if required and move forward.
  • Go to ‘Home’ and select the streaming channels.
  • Search for ‘STARZ channel’ from the Roku app store.
  • Tap ‘Ok’ once you have found the channel. Click ‘Add channel’.
  • Enter the PIN if required to confirm the channel.
  • Open the STARZ channel from the channel lineup.
  • Login using the STARZ login details.
  • Go to the STARZ using any device.
  • Enter the code which is appeared on the screen in the given box.
  • Select ‘Submit’ to register the device.

The Roku channel has also partnered with the STARZ channel, so instead of subscribing to it individually, you can also take it as a part of the deal. This deal is available within the Roku itself. It is important to understand here that after taking the subscription through Roku, you won’t be able to watch it on any other device except Roku. This is a kind of small drawback in this offer but if you have more than one Roku device at home, then this can make life easier.

This is all about the process of adding the STARZ channel on the smart device. If you find the steps helpful, then do mention your comments in the section given below.

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