What Are The Steps For Watching Live PD Without Cable?

Just for information, Live PD airs every Friday and Saturdays at 9 PM. The show broadcasts different police departments that respond to the incidents took place in a city live on the TV.

If you wish to watch the ‘Live PD’ without cable TV, then here are some tweaks and tips.

When ‘Live PD’ broadcasts?

It’s the consecutive fourth season of Live PD that is going to showcase on Fridays and Saturdays at 9 PM on A&E. If you want to watch the previous series, you can watch it at 8 PM.

How to watch ‘Live PD’ without cable?

If you have not subscribed to any cable service and still want to watch ‘Live PD’ then here are some options for you.

  • Hulu Live: You can get a free trial for Hulu TV for 7 days. All the premium contents can be watched during the trial period. If you want to watch Hulu live content, then go to the ‘Top-left’ corner of the page.
  • Fubo TV: This is another option for watching ‘Live PD’ from A&E TV without cable TV. The only thing required is a proper and high-speed internet connection.
  • Sling TV: You can watch the ‘Live PD’ for free for a period of 7 days with Sling TV free trial package.

What is the A&E channel?

You can use the channel finder option of your ‘Provider’s website’ to search for channels like Comcast, AT&T, A&E, DirecTV and Spectrum.

How to watch ‘Live PD’ online on-demand?

As discussed earlier, if you have missed any series of your favorite ‘Live PD’ show and want to watch it from streaming platforms, then you can go with ‘Hulu live TV’, Fubo TV and Sling TV. All these streaming platforms are good at providing quality content to the users. If you want to continue further after the free trial period ends, you can buy the paid package the details of which are given online.

What is ‘Live PD’ all about?

As per the description given by A&E on this series, these series showcase the debates of police investigating the matters in America. The daily conversation of police personnel is broadcasted across the nation. The Live PD viewers can watch the complete conversation without any filtered and unfettered live access. Both the rural and urban areas that are being patrolled by the police personals at night can be seen. The viewers have the option to post the comment in this regard on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. Along with this, the show host, ABC Dan Abrams and analyst Tom Morris Jr kept on guiding the viewers throughout the night that what they are actually seeing in real-time. They take the help of fixed rig and handheld cameras to record the live-seen and provide a minute-by-minute report on the live incident that takes place in different police departments.

If you want to know additional stories or videos related to ‘Live PD’, you can watch for free from online video links.

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