What To Do If iPad Is Not Playing The Starz Channel Videos?

It can be annoying when you sit on the couch with an iPad in hand to watch the favorite video from the Starz app and find ‘Video won’t play’ message on the screen. We are now going to discuss the solutions to get rid of this frustrating problem.

Check for service interruptions

If you are going to watch videos through Starz channel, then check the status of service whether it is available or not. If you are watching the videos which are already watched, then make sure that it is still available.

Most of the channels notify users in advance if there is any interruption in the service in the coming days. They generally post on their twitter or company page.

Close app and restart iPad

If the iPad is connected to the network, then it may require a simple restart. Close all the apps like Starz or any other streaming service by swiping up from the recent tasks screen opened on the home page. With the help of fingers, you can easily clear the recent tasks list.

Restart the iPad now by pressing the home and the sleep button simultaneously for a few seconds. If you are still facing the problem, then go to the next step.

Ensure that the latest version of app and iOS is installed

Some of the apps don’t work if the app version installed is obsolete or the iOS version is not updated. To download the latest version, you can go to the respective app store.

Download rather than streaming the video

Many videos available on the Starz channel are available for download. If you are facing a problem in streaming the content online, then it’s recommended to download it. If you are having connection issues intermittently, then this method will solve the problem.

To download the video, search for the cloud icon on the top of the video link. If enough space is available in the device, you can start downloading by clicking on the ‘Cloud’ icon and watch it offline.

Factory reset

After implementing the above-mentioned steps, if everything is still the same, then you can perform a factory reset function on your device. The factory reset will delete all the data from the device. You need to download it again. All the apps and their data will be deleted. Yes, if you want you can take the backup on the iCloud storage using the cloud credentials. Don’t forget to check if the backup option for the Starz channel is available on the iPad or not. The steps to factory reset the device are given on the apple website. You can open the webpage and get it from there.

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