Which New Movies Made It To HBO Go Library In February?

HBO Go has an extensive range of entertaining content, with new content being added into the network on an everyday basis. If you are subscribed to HBO Go and want to know interesting movies to watch on the platform in the month of February, then here is the list.


Aurora (Shirley MacLaine) and Emma (Debra Winger) are mother and daughter who have completely different views and approach to reality. Their relationship is not always easy, but over time, each of them finds reasons to enjoy life. One of the most famous American films of the first half of the eighties of the twentieth century. The production, directed by three Academy Awards winner James L. Brooks (Jerry Maguire), portrays the lives of two amazing women in the roles of the sensational Shirley MacLaine (Oscar and Golden Globe for his creation) and Debra Winger (Golden Globe and Oscar nominations). The painting shows in a very insightful way the relationship between mother and daughter over three decades. There is no lack of good humor and emotions in the film. In addition to the actresses, one of the main characters is played by three-time Oscar winner Jack Nicholson (It can’t be better). The picture turned out to be a box office hit and was awarded five Academy Awards and four Golden Globes.


Sidonie (Erika Sainte) is a flight attendant who raises her fifteen-year-old daughter Lolo (Matilda Marta-Giraut) alone. She devotes more and more time and energy to trying to find out who her father is. In the end, Sidonie decides to take her to her homeland to get the hair of each of the potential fathers and do a DNA test. Mechanic, artist tired of life, former local football champion, nightclub owner, women-like doctor – five men, five memories, five confrontations with the past, and five unexpected meetings. An intelligent comedy-drama, which is also a road movie directed by Virginie Verrier. It presents the adventures of a teenager who is trying to find out who her father is. At the same time, she also shows the girl’s mother and her attempts to confront the past. The main roles are played by Erika Sainte (Marseilles connector) and Matilda Marta-Giraut (Pedagogical body). The chamber and full of hidden emotions movie also starred Fred Testot (Murphy and his right), Thierry Frémont (Allied) and Shirley Bousquet (Taxi 2).


Elton John (Taron Egerton) was born in a small English town as Reginald Dwight. The boy had great musical talent since he was a child. The film shows the artist’s path from the shy genius of the piano to the absolute international pop star. The story of the life of Elton John, one of the greatest British entertainers. The film by BAFTA nominee Dexter Fletcher (Bohemian Rhapsody) tells a universal story about a boy from a small town who became one of the greatest stars of pop culture. The role of the musician is played by Taron Egerton (Kingsman: Secret Services), who was awarded the Golden Globe for his creation. The picture also features BAFTA Jamie Bell (Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool), Golden Globe Winner Richard Madden (HBO Game of Thrones series), Bryce Dallas Howard (How Do You Like) and Gemma Jones (Bridget Jones Diary).


Yoram (Menashe Noy) is a widower in his fifties who works as a veterinarian at a safari park in Tel Aviv. His task is to take care of animals, carry out operations and make sure that people do not get out of the cars when they encounter a herd of rhinos. A male teenage daughter Roni (Zohar Meidan), who, however, seldom sees. One night a team of medical rescuers appears at her door. Internet forum users have informed them that Roni has decided to take her own life. After a suicide attempt, Yoram decides to take his daughter on a trip, which becomes an excuse for them to rediscover life. Directed by Nimrod Eldar (short King’s Road) a road movie showing the complicated relationship between the daughter and father. The movie portrays the struggle with the reality of a young woman and the impact of family relationships on her life in an interesting way. The production has been shown at many film festivals – including Berlin and Jerusalem.


Ann Atwater (Taraji P. Henson) is a civil rights activist and CP Ellis (Sam Rockwell) a local leader of the Ku Klux Klan. After a fire broke out at an African American school, members of the black community are beginning to fight for desegregation of the education system in the town of Durham, North Carolina. The non-obvious couple co-presides over the emotional meetings of townspeople who need to settle the case. A fact-based story of an unobvious relationship between a black civil rights activist and the hard-headed leader of the Ku Klux Klan. The creator of the picture was Robin Bissell, producer of the Hunger Games.

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